Mondays at Synergy

Inspired by their daughter’s five year remission following Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Directors,  Colina and Steve Currell, have launched Mondays at Synergy introducing complimentary hair and beauty treatments to clients who have been diagnosed with cancer.

On the first Monday of every month, the Synergy team now opens its doors to provide cancer sufferers with customised haircuts and head shaves, gentle blow-dries, wig washes, hair and scalp masques, Reiki therapy, make-up and nail services, completely free of charge. This is held at   Synergy One salon in Ashley Cross. Rear of 31-33 Parr Street, BH14 OJX.

Mondays at Synergy launched on Monday August 4 2014; the service will be offered to clients on the first Monday of every month between 10am-1pm.

For more information call Sandra on 01202 672272.


So you call the number to arrange the booking - the journey has started.

You arrived tearful and afraid from your hair you have been parted.

New arms are wrapped around you with such care and understanding.

Expressions of compassion and the treatments they are planning.

Relax back in the chair - the magic hands will begin their task.

Giggles with coffee - conversation and more than you could ask.

You've been given back your - SMILE!!

best you've felt for a long.......long.... while.

thanks so very much to all the SYNERGY ANGELS

By Jane Whibley