Synergy's masked ball at the Old Rectory

The New Year is always time to reflect, look forward and detox. Speaking of detoxing, not much went on last weekend for the Synergy team however. On the weekend of the 23rd January it was the big annual Synergy weekend away with all the teams. This usually includes lots of drinking, dancing, so the usual shennigans! This was the third time we have visited the beautiful ‘Old Rectory’ in Symondsbury near Bridport, Dorset. The fact that this is our third year returning is to ‘The Old Rectory’ is testament that the house is perfect for housing the vast Synergy team for the weekend. We especially love the big spacious rooms, high ceilings, eclectic decor, cosy sofas and the log fire for everyone gather round and chew the fat. The Ilchester Arms pub is a great country pub within walking distance of the Rectory that does a fabulous traditional Sunday lunch. They always manage to cater for all 30 of us with no hassle and the locals are more than happy to join in with the Synergy party. We always receive a very warm welcome.  

The Synergy team love any excuse to dress up and be glamorous, and this year was no exception. It was therefore decided a masked ball would be the theme, since what suits the grandness of the Rectory better than a masked ball!? Hairdressers have a passion to create for others, so it is lovely that the party meant everyone had the chance to be creative for themselves to really show their own personality and style. It’s worth noting that the team was grateful that they had their masks to hand as they were needed more the next day to hide everyone’s hungover faces.

Colina and Steve, owners of Synergy, ensured it was a real family affair as Colina flew her cousin Denise over from Dublin. Denise who is a celebrity chef catered for the weekend meaning we enjoyed delicious 5* star food throughout the stay.

Steve then showed off his hidden talent as an acoustic singer with the Sunday evening being devoted to a soiree of music, joined by the also talented Louis and Elise with their soulful voices.

The weekend is not only time to let loose and party, but it gives us all a chance to gather our ever expanding Synergy tribe together from all four salons. Everyone is included in the weekend from senior stylists, apprentices and the Saturday staff. It is a time to bond, get to know each other more and be ourselves. It is very easy to work alongside our fellow colleagues on a day to day basis in a professional environment, but do we really know each other? The majority of us spend more time with each other than our families, so it's really important we get along well. This is why Synergy believes in investing in weekends such as this as a happy team means a happy environment which equals many happy clients.

It is also a weekend for Colina and Steve to show their appreciation for all the hard work the various teams deliver throughout the year. It is clear that there was certainly a lot of 'Love, Touch & Understanding' throughout the weekend, an ethos Synergy devotes to you, our clients, as well as each other in the Synergy team.

Wishing you all an amazing 2016! 

Love from all at Synergy x