The 'bob'. Synergy Blog- February

Seeing Katie Price's new look on Instagram this month got us all talking about the popularity of the hairstyle the 'bob'. Throughout the decades Katie's hair has gone from dark to blonde, with and without extensions, and has always been one of her defining features. So now seeing it chopped into a sexy tousled bob was quite the statement for our Katie. Cutting your hair from long to short has always been seen as making a personal statement and can often be viewed as a dramatic change from within.

Last year we saw the introduction of the ‘lob’, which is a longer version of the classic 'bob'. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor swift and Fearne Cotton made this ‘the look’ of 2015. So it got us at Synergy thinking about why it is such a popular hairstyle and why every year sees another version of the same hairstyle being reinvented.

Looking back in history, Cleopatra was perhaps one of the first to showcase the 'bob'. Whether this is an actual historical truth or not, we’re not sure, but Elizabeth Taylor’s classic interpretation of Cleopatra certainly transformed it into an iconic cut and has therefore been copied many times ever since.  

The 1920's was when the 'bob' really came into its own and is truly symbolic of this jazz infused era. Women were abandoning the rules of femininity and fashion, whilst gaining the right to vote, women became financially independent and so the emancipated female was born. And the long hair was gone! Giving up the long hair became a symbol of independence and strength. I love this quote from the singer Mary Garden in 1927: "Bobbed hair belongs to freedom, frankness and progressiveness." Who would have thought a hairstyle could bring such strength!

The swinging 60's was the next era when the 'bob' showed another phase of female emancipation. In 1963 Vidal Sassoon created an angular, geometric and unfussy hairstyle he called the 'wedge bob'. This style of bob made Vidal Sassoon the iconic stylist of the 1960's, with the likes of Mary Quant and Twiggy both being fans of this particular hairdo. It then rapidly became a sensation along with rising hemlines.

It would therefore seem that there is more to the 'bob' than what we think. Women of today have the freedom to be who they want to be and choose their own style. The 'bob' today can be any length, any shape, any texture, curly, straight and any colour we wish. For me the bob is the epitome of style and I love the fact it suits all ages.

So ladies if you’re considering the chop you may also be displaying your own independence at the same time. The 'bob' is certainly here to stay, whichever version you choose, make it your own.

See at the top a picture of our client Desiree making it her own and rocking her new 'bob'.

Sandra x