For those of you who haven't heard the gossip yet, our Flagship salon on Poole High Street is moving!  After many months of negotiations and planning we are so excited to be relocating to the Ashley Cross hub in Lower Parkstone, Poole.

We have at last found a freehold property which will allow us to truly express the Synergy brand in keeping with our other 3 salons.  So as well as our popular boutique salon in Parr Street, we will have the Flagship of Synergy dominating their own space.  This opportunity has really come at the right time for us.  It brings along change in a very positive way, energizing and freshening us up to begin another adventure with Synergy.  We have had the most amazing 21 years on High Street Poole, starting with the opening of the salon in a tiny space with just 4 staff.  Our 'Baby' and brand has grown up along with our team - some of whom joining us at 16 - now managers in our other salons with babies of their own!  For those of us who were there at the beginning, it might make us feel a bit old, but it’s a wonderful feeling to see our young team members learn and grow up with us becoming creative, inspirational stylists.  Many of our wonderful loyal clients make us feel like they are part of our Synergy family, some of whom have been with Colina and Steve from the very beginning. Perhaps they need a medal for longest serving clients!  We have hugged and cried with you all, laughed and shared our stories together over the 21 years.  As with any move, be it personal or business, there is a tinge of sadness, saying goodbye to somewhere where we have grown to know you so well.  We’re excited to be moving forward and we're hoping many of you will join us, continuing the Synergy journey to our new space, a salon very different in design and feel but with familiar faces and personal service.

It was whilst talking about design, colour and the feel of the salon that it got us thinking about how salons have changed over the years. We have been desperate to upgrade our Poole salon and bring it into 2016.  Interestingly, a long standing client of Colina's, Rosemarie, a hairdresser herself some 40 years ago pointed out how different salons were then to now.  This was the time of rollers, sets and hood dryers, quite a different environment in design, feel and even etiquette. Here at Synergy we are on first name terms with our clients, but it was considered extremely rude to call your client by their first name. This was also a time when private booths were offered to clients who did not wish to be seen with colour.  There was definitely a formality about the whole salon. This was in the day when women did not want to be known to colour their hair, it was seen as a sign of ageing, unlike today it was not seen as something to be embracing and talking about.  Imagine?  We understand it’s not a great look to sit with a head full of foils, but at least in 2016 we don't have to hide! Most of us may not be so high maintenance today, but we do like to take care of ourselves in a general holistic way with a more relaxed approach.

Our new 'Synergy' flagship salon will definitely be a more relaxed approach in style and feel.  We can't wait to open and welcome you through the doors for another ‘Synergy’ experience. We will keep you all posted with updates. In the meantime, why not follow our Pinterest board and see our mood board of ideas. You may be surprised.