Synergy Penn Hill

Synergy Penn Hill opened its doors in August 2014 and is managed by Jo, one of Synergy’s most talented hairdressers. Sitting in between Patisserie Mark Bennett and Jenkins & Son’s, why not come in and spoil yourself then go for a wonderful cake or a little tipple!

Staff Profiles


Jo Darley

Jo commits and combines her passionate approach to hair and technical expertise. This covers every aspect of hairdressing from the salon floor, the training, photographic shots and shows. For over 30 years, Jo has travelled, demonstrated , taught and worked internationally including NZ, Oz and the Far East.

Star sign........... Taurus
My role at Synergy is..... Senior stylist ,educator and head of Artistic team.
I'm based at ...  Penn Hill
When I was little I wanted to be ...... a hairdresser
My idea of perfect happiness......... calm thoughts.
My favourite possession...... daughter
My favourite book..... 'The Gift of Fear' Gavin de Becker.


A very experienced and talented stylist, Margo began her career in her native Warsaw. She has embraced the English culture since 2011, and was soon snapped up by Synergy. Known as having the fastest scissors on the floor, fast they maybe, but precise,  and sure does create her styles with passion. You'll love coming to Margo.

My role at Synergy..... Senior stylist
I'm based in .... Penn Hill

Ayesha joined the newest salon Penn hill, when the doors opened. She fits perfect as the salon co ordinator with her bubbly personality, she keeps the energy light and happy whilst organizing appointments and looking after you. Her hair colour may change as many times as you book your appointments, but she will always keep you smiling.

Star sign...... Sagittarius
My role at Synergy..... Salon co ordinator
I'm based in ..... Penn Hill
When I was little I wanted to be ..... in the Navy.
Relaxation.... watching a movie
Hidden talent......  dancing, dancing!
Favourite book...... Twilight.